Best Indian Wedding Entrance Walkways.

Best Indian Wedding Entrance Walkways.

The entrance to your wedding is your gateway to a new beautiful life and hence, it has to be graceful and speak with joy. Many of the wedding planners fail on prioritizing the gateway décor but we, at Golden Orchid believe the Indian wedding entrance walkways must be an attention-grabbing one. So, if your wedding arrangement gang has planned the same old theme we have come witnessing on every wedding since childhood then stops them right now! We brought you the most unique and trendy garden wedding venues in Goa. After all, it is yours and your to-be-husband’s new beginning of a life together. 

1) Be Bold 

Seal the deal by displaying the bride’s and her groom’s name on stage. This décor idea has been trending all over the globe. In case the ceremony is in a traditional and conservative style, try using Mr. & Mrs Decorate it with vibrant flowers or lots of lights to make the entrance all popped up.

2) Flowers! A lot of them! 

Flowers have this resurrecting energy that could bring any place to live. Staple your favourite flowers on the entrance gate and revive the atmosphere. You can add your own creativity by hanging flowers, floral drapes, or arrange them like flower beds on the surface of the walls. This idea would be simply crazy if your wedding plans are of destination wedding venue in Goa. 

3) The Archway Gate 

4) Bollywood Drapes with a Hint of Light 

This nostalgic touch at weddings never goes wrong if you have professional help by your side. An arch décor could be used in the hallways leading towards the open air marriage hall in Goa. You can add a flower arch for a daytime wedding and lighting arch for a night event. They are especially our favourites as it adds a beautiful statement piece and could be modified in many ways.

Drapes curtains are never off the table when it comes to decoration. An orange or pink drape covering the hallways and entrance with a hint of light is perfect for enchantment and lively atmosphere. 

5) Keep it Simple 

The wedding banquet halls in Goa could be as fashionable and trend or it can be as simple and elegant. The decision solely belongs to you and your wedding planner. We, on the other hand, as experienced and well-versed professionals believe that a mixture of simplicity and elegance portrays the best outlook of the best wedding venues in Goa. For the brides who think less is more, flowers and fairy lights with few candles or lanterns are sufficient enough to brighten up the whole gateway and hall to your venue. 

We, the Golden Orchid have created many such elegant and beautiful wedding venues that left people amazed. Bring your special wedding decoration ideas to us and we will help it reach excellence through our professional and creative touch.