6 Tips On How To Host A Garden Wedding & Reception

Tips On How To Host A Garden Wedding & Reception

6 Tips On How To Host A Garden Wedding & Reception

Now, who doesn’t love to have a wedding with flowers, fountains, blossoms, and lush greenery all around? An outdoor wedding is the trendiest idea among every couple, and why not? An open space sets a platform for experimental designs, breath-taking décor, and out-of-the-box wedding arrangements. The options are limitless to set a picturesque view of the entire set. All you need to have is a professional wedding planner at your rescue and voila! Your dream wedding set is ready!

But, if you are still juggling your thoughts on whether or not to choose a garden wedding, here are some perks of grabbing this opportunity.

Options for every season: When you host a garden wedding, your guests will turn up at the wedding as the garden brings them close to nature and natural breeze. The wedding venus in Goa is often set near the beach. A summer wedding is the best, as an extensive growth of flowers is all around. Gardens are blooming already, and you need not spend additional money to buy flowers. The blooming flowers will keep the wedding venue charmed and mesmerizing.

Themed Wedding: Every wedding is hosted on a theme, and every theme has a separate decoration directory. A garden wedding can ease your job, as you can pick a theme deliberately according to one of the garden wedding venues you chose. Some garden venues already have a natural setup of flowers, fountains, and seating areas, which filters your décor ideas up to a vast extent.

Tent Design: Wedding tents have their charm to uplift any event. On top of that, it provides shelter from the quirkiness of nature. Whether it’s hot summer or monsoon, your guests will need a shed to witness the holy rituals at your wedding. Also, you can design and decorate the tents as per the theme to make the venue look aesthetically appealing.

Lighting: The lighting arrangement works like the bride’s veil. Your venue is incomplete without it. The fountain, grass, mandap, tents, trees, and tables, decorate everything with shimmering lights, pendant lighting, or string lights to make the venue look exquisite.

Personalize the Space: Couples are in love with the concept of personalizing their wedding, especially when it’s a destination wedding in Goa where only family and closed ones might be invited. You can decorate the space with the bride’s and groom’s photos depicting their story, how they first met, who proposed first, their cute moments, and happy faces everywhere. Guests will love going down the memory lane and will surely be a treat to watch how time flies and, making the atmosphere filled with nostalgia.

Zone out space: A garden wedding venue is an open space. Space is something you should be least concerned about. Thus, divide the area for every ceremony and rituals. Set up a stage for mandap, seating arrangement with cushions and mattresses for your Haldi and Mehendi ceremony, a dance floor decked up with disco lights, and a sitting area where guests can just sit and quietly enjoy the happenings all around.

Colour Experiment: Now that you have divided the entire garden space, decorate the whole set as per your wedding theme. The corner for Haldi ceremony can be covered in yellow and orange Genda Phool, The mandap can be decorated in royal red and golden, the tents can look vibrant in pink and orange, the options are limitless. Each space will look astonishing and uniform as every color complete the look and feel of a magnificent wedding.

We, at Golden Orchid Goa, love helping couples take their vows in a dream set. We work closely with our clients to deliver everything they ever thought of having at their wedding. From décor and furniture to catering and venue booking, we do it all. Visit us or call us today to book your dream garden venue in Goa.