The Small-Thin Indian Wedding Guide

The Small-Thin Indian Wedding Guide

India is still known as a country where parents start saving money for their children’s marriages at an early age. The COVID-19 outbreak has left all parents and children disheartened as there won’t be any big fat wedding until the launch of the vaccine. For the foreseeable future, wedding planners and officials are encouraging people to plan an intimate wedding while following all safety guidelines and government protocols.

Here are a few “new normal” things we will observe in every wedding post-COVID:

The Fashion Market:

If something that got heavily impacted by this immediate lockdown, it is the wedding market. Couples who planned a summer wedding in 2020 had to postpone their wedding for unknown days or months.   To make a grand comeback, stores and showrooms will shower massive discounts to revive the fallen market values.


Considering the fact that the first two won’t be possible in the near future, the catering service providers are ready to welcome their guests with added safety protocols. Buffet menu may get some relaxation in the coming days, as people will prefer a pre-planned food menu to maintain a safe distance.

The Decoration

With no flights and no trains available in the lockdown, the decor services are facing real-time issues to fulfill the gap of the demand-supply chain. In the coming days, traditional decor items such as clay pots, marigold flowers, diyas, and lanterns will make their grand entry in the wedding market.

An intimate arrangement

The Golden Orchid and other wedding venues in Goa are ready to welcome guests, couples, and wedding seasons with open arms. We are taking all necessary safety measures such as offering face masks, hand sanitizers, venue sanitization, and social distancing norms to help the guests and families feel safe with us.

Weddings are pre-dominantly an emotion-driven industry. Therefore, people be rest assured that it will make a giant comeback in no time. If you are looking for safe wedding halls in Goa, connect with Golden Orchid and get the best wedding venue of the season.