The New Goa Wedding Trends For The New Normal

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The New Goa Wedding Trends For The New Normal

Considering the aftermath of the pandemic, most weddings will get pushed towards late 2020 or early 2021. On a positive note, couples can utilize this time to plan their wedding around the pandemic rules and official guidelines. Celebrating weddings post-COVID19 is going to be different, and we should learn to adapt to this “new normal.” Social distancing should be practiced in social gatherings, which can result in small intimate weddings with more emphasis on the health and hygienic arrangements. 

Contactless services and sanitized work process is also crucial to ensure the guests feel safe throughout the wedding and enjoy the wedding peacefully. Given the situation of a more cautious wedding, Golden Orchid has been receiving enquires from couples regarding the wedding venues in Goa and safe marriage halls in Goa. 

Over a decade now, Goa has been the prime choice for couples to get married. It has been the most-preferred destination wedding location for years. Once again, Goa is ready to host destination weddings while taking all the precautionary measures to help the couples get married as soon as possible. Here are a few things you will see now at every wedding in Goa so that the couples can plan their wedding with the utmost safety post-COVID-19.

Beach-side, Open-Air Wedding

Goa is well-known for its picturesque view and calm beaches. Post-COVID-19, people will have to follow social distancing norms strictly. A beach-side venue means an ample space to execute a well-planned seating arrangement while maintaining the physical distancing norms. In the coming days, we will get to see a lot of wedding venues with large tables and limited seating space to create a safe distance between the guests.

The Grand Buffet Service

Indian weddings are well-known for their lavish and exotic buffet service. But, in the coming days, you will get to witness a significant change in the buffet system. The buffet’s ideal concept was to line up at the counter, serve yourself, and pick a table to dine. However, considering the social distancing measures, wedding venues assign a designated server to serve all the guests. The idea behind this change is to avoid so many guests touching the cutlery and spoons, and violate the sanitization rules. Also, there has to be a minimum distance of six feet between the guests while standing in the buffet queue. 

Safe Catering Service

There will be a lot of new concepts discovered at weddings, especially for food arrangements and catering. From individually serving the guests to the vendors hired for food preparation, every chef and helper needs to be in good health. The catering department needs to ensure the raw materials, food ingredients, and cutleries are delivered with utmost cleanliness, followed by a thorough sanitization process. 

The Online Wedding

To date, video conference with guests at the wedding was a luxury, but after the pandemic period, virtual weddings will become a necessity. The couples will mostly prefer an intimate wedding where not more than 50 guests shall get invited. To ensure that every friend, relative, and loved ones could become a part of the wedding, a video conference over a zoom call can be possible. This trend will gain popularity as none of your guests feel left out, and every blessing counts for the newly-weds before they start their journey as married couples. 

Celebration and Sanitization

Custom-made masks, personalized sanitizer bottles, and fresh-hygienic atmosphere will be the need of the hour at every wedding event. From the entrance to the exit, guests will be requested to sanitize their hands. Hand-shakes to congratulate the newly-weds will be off the table. From hairdressers to make-up artists and photographers, everyone should be diligently sanitized and must wear masks throughout the event. Also, the venue space should be disinfected before and after the event. 

Final Thoughts

Since the wedding will mostly be an intimate affair, following all the guidelines won’t be tough. At Golden Orchid Goa, we ensure that our clients receive impeccable hygiene standards at our wedding venue. Therefore, our marriage halls, banquet halls, lawn, and garden space are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized to eliminate any chances of virus infection. Attention to detail has always been our specialty, and with this pandemic situation, we strive to make more informed decisions to give our clients a safe celebration space. 

To book your wedding venue, you can contact us today or get in touch with us at the Golden Orchid, Goa.