How To Plan Destination Wedding Post-Lockdown?

How To Plan Destination Wedding Post-Lockdown?

If you are among the millions asking when we can have a destination wedding in Goa, the answer is, “now!” Hotels, private beach, and beach resorts can now get booked for weddings, nuptial ceremonies, and a getaway. Considering this year, when our world got smaller, confined to our homes, streets, and a short walk to the local supermarket, people are getting excited to know when they can plan their next vacation. Couples who postponed their destination weddings; your wait is over!

Golden orchid is providing marriage halls, open-space, and banquet halls in Goa for wedding events. We understand the fear of getting infected by the COVID-19 virus is still there among the people, and it should be, of course. Nevertheless, we can keep moving towards life by taking a few extra precautions and following the government guidelines.

Here are a few things you should know if you are planning to book one of the private beaches or marriage halls in Goa

Hotel Booking

Things have changed in these few months. And you need to change, too. While booking your wedding venue, hygiene and safety should be your prime concern. Venues that are centrally located require less time to reach, and has an excellent public transportation facility should be your preference. Hotels and venues that offer less “touchpoints,” i.e., short check-in and check-out queue, shall make it to your wedding planning list.

Menu Booking

Venues that offer a long breakfast and lunch buffet should be a big NO this year. Since most couples will prefer an intimate wedding, choose a secluded, in-the-nature property, which also offers a separate, customized, and thoughtfully planned menu. Most of the guests shall attend the wedding via Zoom or Instagram live. Therefore, the series of wedding events should be smaller than usual.


The foreign visitors in Goa may require a health certificate during their visit. But, every individual should prefer accommodation that is well-cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. Until a vaccine gets launched, social distancing is our only means to protect our loved ones. Therefore, Golden Orchid offers well-sanitized halls, banquets, and lawns with seating arrangements made under the guidelines of social distancing norms.

A Classic Road Trip

Car rental companies may offer exciting deals post-lockdown. It is safer to hire a car for your traveling and shopping purpose during your stay in Goa. A private vehicle will prevent any outsider from entering into your space, and your guests may feel overwhelmed by this kind gesture. Also, hiring a car will be cheaper and save you the surged cab’s price during peak hours.

Golden Orchid is ready to welcome guests from different states and countries to fulfill their dream of a destination wedding/vacation in Goa. To know more about our arrangements and services, you can connect with our professionals today.