Getting hitched in times of Covid-19: DIY wedding décor ideas for the perfect home wedding during the lockdown

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Getting hitched in times of Covid-19: DIY wedding décor ideas for the perfect home wedding during the lockdown

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the definition of normal has changed significantly. Whether it is work or chilling with friends, almost everything has shifted to the digital space. One of the most impacted areas due to the pandemic was the wedding sector, with a lot of people postponing during the initial days. Though weddings are now allowed, the big fat Indian wedding has now become a close-knit affair. The essential elements for a wedding are not the food or the experience but wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

But even though virtual and micro weddings are the ‘new normal’, there is still a need to set the right vibe. The do-it-yourself method is in right now, and the perfect way to transform a small-scale wedding into an amazing memory. So, for the perfect wedding aesthetic, here are some amazing ideas that will help you create a charming atmosphere. 

Try and take it out!

Though, understandably, having a wedding at a venue would make you nervous, with the proper precautions it is still possible. You can book a wedding venue in Goa and fly down with 20-30 of your closest family and friends and create an experience like none other. Whether it is a small casual dance night or Haldi ceremony, just book one of the best wedding venues in Goa and enjoy by the beach. 

Create a beautiful entrance

The first thing that people see when they enter a place- the door. So, make sure to get lots of roses, marigold, and other bright flowers, and decorate your entrance. And don’t just have strands of flowers tied up in a single row, check out beautiful patterns online or innovate it yourself.

Let the floor pop

One tradition that has stayed from every festival and wedding is the Rangoli. So, show your art skills and create a fabulous and huge design at the entrance of your venue. A great way to spread the color throughout the venue is to create smaller rangolis at a different corner of the house; it will uplift the aesthetic appeal of the wedding banquets hall in India

Make the Mandap shine

The two best ways to create a beautiful awning for the main function: use colorful fabrics and keep the design minimalistic. A well-designed and color-coordinated mandap will ensure you beat the heat while saving you money too. You can also use the sun to add an oomph factor, place small mirror strips on the fabric and it will create a shiny and beautiful mandap.

The main thing to remember during the wedding is that you should be able to enjoy it, no matter how the pandemic has affected it. And what better way than to have your closest friends and family by your side.