7 Useful Ideas To Organizing A Waste-Free and Sustainable Wedding – Thinking Out Of Box To

Disclaimer: We have cited examples of original incidents with names changed to avoid any inconvinience to our guests. We have taken this initiative to state how meaningful your conversations with The Golden Orchid are, and we intend to cherish your valuable opinions when spreading helpful ideas. True is the fact […]


7 Useful Tips To Host Your Destination Wedding

A wedding is usually a grand affair. It is an amalgamation of rituals, two families,  memories, and assortments of food. Weddings these days are continuously evolving. People are looking for theme marriages and hosting intimate wedding functions to include only a few important family members and friends. People also plan […]

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Getting hitched in times of Covid-19: DIY wedding décor ideas for the perfect home wedding during the lockdown

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the definition of normal has changed significantly. Whether it is work or chilling with friends, almost everything has shifted to the digital space. One of the most impacted areas due to the pandemic was the wedding sector, with a lot of people postponing during […]