7 Useful Ideas To Organizing A Waste-Free and Sustainable Wedding – Thinking Out Of Box To

7 Useful Ideas To Organizing A Waste-Free and Sustainable Wedding – Thinking Out Of Box To

Disclaimer: We have cited examples of original incidents with names changed to avoid any inconvinience to our guests. We have taken this initiative to state how meaningful your conversations with The Golden Orchid are, and we intend to cherish your valuable opinions when spreading helpful ideas.

True is the fact that pandemic has thwarted speed of life, but it has also brought so many families together for a very long time. It taught us the importance of adopting the minimalist approach, which is very much reflected in weddings nowadays. On the contrary to lavish weddings, people are switching to small and sustainable weddings. Mr. Pushkar, one of our bride’s fathers, said the pandemic had brought back an age-old type of wedding. He stated earlier the marriages used to be simple and small events, organized in sustainable ways at homes, with limited guests showering their blessings and good wishes on the couple as only priceless gifts. 

We have received requests from our guests to write some tips to host a small accomplished wedding, avoiding wastages and still making it eternal and worth remembering.

Following are some of our ideas we could collect that might help in hosting a simple, safe, and cherishable wedding:

  • Wedding Venue

The wedding venue must be sufficient to accommodate limited guests. Open venues are preferable over closed ones for better ventilation. If you are in Goa, you have numerous options for choosing the best wedding venue in Goa, including ours.  

  • Switch To Paperless Mode

The e-invites have already replaced the invitation cards. Still, if you are wondering about printing cards, think one more time as you can take one step forward towards a sustainable wedding by giving up the printing idea.

  • Use the Used Flowers

Meera, an event manager, who follows our blogs, wrote us her creative idea, and we thought of sharing it with everyone. She states, in one of the weddings she organized, she was requested to arrange some organic gifts that would attract guests’ attention, make them happy and bring awareness regarding using the used. She arranged flower paintings as return gifts made from discarded flowers from cultural events, and the guest warmly welcomed the idea.

  • Reusable Decor and Furnishings

Reusable decors and furnishing are trending in weddings. Certain spots such as the entrance or seating area can be decorated with reusable materials such as colorful bottles, paper cuttings, bangles, etc.

  • Less Is More

People have become more conscious about weddings on a smaller scale, where along with their guest list and elaborate menu list, the budget is also slashed down. Many bridegrooms choose to slash their budget and utilize that in sharing their joy with the unprivileged poor people with a feast while following stringent covid norms.

  • Inclusion Of Technology

Limited guests do not mean limited wishes. You can share your joy with a massive guest list by sharing events,  videos, and photographs online.

  • Express Gratitude To Nature With Simple Wedding

Pledging not to waste anything extra, whether money, food, or anything else shows a persons’ level of consciousness. It is the least we can do to express our gratitude to nature for providing us with everything we needed.

We hope you find this blog informative. For finding wedding venues in Goa, connect with us and check our diverse wedding venues suitable for different tastes.