7 Tips To Host A COVID-Safe Wedding-

7 Tips To Host A COVID-Safe Wedding-

Golden Orchid Goa Revealing Ways To Host Intimate & Gracious Wedding

While the people are juggling between coming back to normal and adopting a covid-safe lifestyle, people who were postponing their marriages since last year are also wanting to tie knots, but in a safe atmosphere. 

The Covid situation has bound people to figure out some out-of-the-box ideas to host a covid-safe yet satisfying wedding. It is necessary to properly gauge the risks of hosting a pandemic wedding and how it could be mitigated to have a safe gathering.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Hosting A Wedding During COVID Pandemic?

  • People from multiple locations coming in close contact with each other.
  • Sharing of food, gifts, accessories, etc.
  • Poor ventilation
  • People avoiding masks

Everyone dreams about their marriages, be it grand or simple ones. Of course, the people avoid visiting marriages, but the near and dear ones are must for the occasions for making the event more memorable. 

But to contain the infectious spread and protect our loved ones, it is important to plan well. It is best to host an intimate wedding, where everything will be there, but on a smaller scale, to give you an exact feel of the wedding and consider safety.

Here are tips to keep while hosting a perfect intimate wedding.

  • Make a limited Guestlist.

Though the norms are stringent for including a limited number of guests, the lesser it is, the better it will be. You can choose to invite a limited number of people, including close relatives and friends.

  • Check The Covid Safe Arrangements

Though the venues and the management of banquet halls promise to provide safe wedding norms, it advisable to check it by yourself. Visit the venue once or twice to see how the arrangements will be made and how the wedding can be made safe.

  • Limited Functions

Weddings have a long list of events, one following the other. Typically the wedding is accompanied by receptions that continue late at night. You can scrape off some of the extra events to manage a small enjoyable event.

  • Outside, a Better Place

Closed spaces have 18 times more chances of transmission. Closed spaces have poor ventilation, which allows the transmissions faster comparatively—selecting an open venue wedding banquet hall in Goa for the marriage as a better choice.

  • No mask, No entry

Some people may avoid wearing masks in marriages for they do not want to ruin their party look. The bride and groom can set an example by wearing a mask along with requesting the guests also to wear a mask and follow covid norms.

  •  Watch the buffet

The buffet or the bar is the place for the conglomeration of guests- plan to avoid gatherings. Make necessary sitting arrangements and instruct catering services to manage to serve individually at places.

  • Provide sanitisers

Providing enough means to keep people safe not only turns out with a positive result but also instills confidence among guests of being served safely with delicacies. 

Though hosting Covid marriages is challenging, you can set a benchmark of hosting safe marriage in society so that you can truly enjoy your wedding. Golden Orchid Goa shoulders the responsibility very diligently. Visit our wedding venues in Goa, which are fully equipped to execute an elegant and joyful wedding during such tough times.