6 Essential Steps In Planning Your Wedding After Lockdown

6 Essential Steps In Planning Your Wedding After Lockdown

After months of confinement and isolation, things are changing for good. Though it’s a long way to get rid of the COVID-19 problem, we have to restart our routine life with the utmost precautions and changes in our lifestyle. That also includes resetting your wedding plans and deciding a new day for the big event. And to do so, you’ll have to look at your wedding agenda from a whole new perspective. You’ll have to develop a whole new plan to reassign and rearrange several tasks in executing the wedding joyfully and safely. To start with, here are some crucial steps to redo the basic aspects of your wedding:

Picking A New Wedding Date:

We can’t expect the hospitality, tourism, and other industries to go back to normal immediately after the lockdown is lifted. And considering the concern of social distancing, people will still hesitate to visit any social event even if its a close one’s wedding.

Hence, if you’re willing to plan your fix a date in 2020, you’ll have to expect a lot of changes and challenges, but it is quite doable nonetheless.

Ideally, since you’ve waited it out for this long, we’d suggest you pick a date anytime at the beginning of the year 2021.

Redoing Your Budget Plans:

It is vital to hold tight to your budget and prioritize how to spend it. Since you’ll have to make some serious changes which we’ll discuss in detail later, your budget will have to be reassigned to newer tasks. 

You’ll also have to keep a backup budget since you can’t be sure of the dates and venues at such volatile times. This backup budget should make up for any losses or extra expenditures that you’ll face while planning venues, catering, decor, etc.

Trimming Your Guest List:

If you know that traveling overseas or even interstate is going to be a major issue for many of your guests, why force them into missing your wedding and feeling guilty? 

Essentially, a wedding is a private event for the family of the bride and groom to enjoy the union of their families. You can redo your guest list to match your new catering and venue budget. You can update your friends and relatives overseas about the wedding and enjoy their virtual presence through live videos and photos if you wish to.

Picking A Suitable Local Venue:

Since overseas weddings are almost out of the question and your venue budget has trimmed down, you can opt for a simple local venue where your guests can fit spaciously and won’t require excessive decoration. 

The venue must be well-equipped with hygiene and safety devices, and the staff is trained in following all preventive measures aptly.

You can also choose a delightful farmhouse or your own backyard if suitable, and redesign it to be your sweet and safe wedding destination.

Reassessing Safety Measures:

Weddings after COVID 19 outbreak will have to follow some newly added and strict safety procedures throughout the event. 

Firstly, the venue will need to have enough sanitizers and handwashes for everyone. Secondly, the seating and walking areas will have to be rearranged for proper distancing.

You’ll also have to arrange for a medical team with an emergency ambulance, just to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. 

Opting For Cost-Effective Decor Options:

To enjoy a simple, minimalistic, and fun-filled wedding, you don’t really need lavish decorations or exciting events. Right now, your goal should be to find local vendors who can provide simplistic themes and reduce physical contact-points in the venue. 

You can also send out digital wedding invitations instead of physical ones. This will save you from traveling to unsafe places and risking physical contact.

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