5 Types Of Unique Venues You Can Choose For Your Private Wedding & Reception

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5 Types Of Unique Venues You Can Choose For Your Private Wedding & Reception

The deeper you dig, the more ideas for unique wedding venues you’ll find on the internet. Wedding planners across the globe keep improvising on their wedding strategies and keep coming up with out-of-the-ordinary wedding ideas to serve widely distinctive personalities. From beaches to historical forts to cruise ships, it seems as if any scenic beauty can be turned into a lavish wedding venue. However, nowadays, people aren’t seeking grandiosity when planning their special day; instead, they just want a wedding they can cherish with their close relatives and friends. 

If you’re one of those, we’ve gathered a few quirky venue ideas to help you make the best of planning even the most simplistic yet lavish wedding. 

Religious Houses:

Let’s start with what all of us would agree upon. Churches, mosques, or any other religious places have been used as wedding venues for generations in India. They define the purity of monogamy and serve as the fittest place to mark the new beginning of your marital life. With the right team of wedding planners, you can find the most beautiful religious places around the country that allow weddings in their vicinity. 

Farmhouse Parties:

If you want your wedding to be nothing less than a party that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives, farmhouses are the way to go. Barns or farmhouses adjacent to water bodies can make a wedding worth the visit. The calm and cozy atmosphere will help your guests be at peace during their stay and mindfully enjoy every moment they spend with you. You can even choose a country farm-based theme for the wedding and reinvent your meals, decorations, and attires accordingly. 

Restaurant Weddings:

the most intimate moment that you’ve shared with the love of your life will never be on expensive foreign trips or ocean rides, but in those regular cafes or restaurants that you both love to visit and spend time in. Why not make one of those special places as the milestone of your love life? It could be the place you first met, or confessed your love, or spent your college days. All-in-all, find a place that connects you both and your closest friends together and get crafty with the decorations and themes. Such weddings are uncommon yet the most intimate ones. Plus, you don’t have to work too much on the food. 

Open Lawns:

Sometimes, even lavish halls can feel simply distractive and overrated in front of the beauty of the open sky and soothing weather. Especially during autumn and summer, the serene blue sky makes the perfect roof for your open wedding venue where you plan absolutely any event or activity for entertainment and bring everyone together under the starry sky at night meals, drinks, and fun conversations.

Banquet Halls:

At the end of the day, it is the most auspicious moment in your life, and you are free to make it a bit lavish and mesmerizing. And with their magnificent architecture, banquet halls are known to bring out the majestic beauty in the most simplistic events. Top-rated wedding banquet halls also provide highly efficient staff, in-house vendors, multiple decor options, and several other services that ease all your worries and help you dedicate your special day solely to your spouse-to-be.

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