5 Major Lockdown Wedding Trends Emerging In These Pandemic Times

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5 Major Lockdown Wedding Trends Emerging In These Pandemic Times

The economy may be plummeting, people may be distancing, but this can never stop the creative minds of wedding planners who are setting new astonishing trends for the COVID-19 pandemic era. Just when people thought they’d have to wait more than a year to fall in wedlock with their partner, wedding planners around the country started developing lockdown wedding trends that promised safety with the delight of having a fun-filled wedding. If you’re wondering what could they possibly come up with in such strict times, here are some of the wedding trends that even you can follow to have a successful wedding during lockdowns:

The Good Old Micro Weddings:

With a new challenge at hand, wedding planners turned back in time to see how traditional weddings with small crowds were handled in the old days. And they learned that what better place to have a small yet auspicious wedding than a religious site. 

Most of the recent weddings were conducted in temples, churches, and mosque areas that have beautiful backdrops and suffice a small crowd. Also, lawns, farmhouses, terraces, or even courtyards are being reimagined as wedding pandals to shade a small family wedding ceremony.

Matching Safety Accessories:

A lot of safety gear has been forced over our marriage getups, and many are finding it to be a major downer. But some wedding planners and designers are using their creative bones to design custom masks and gloves that would match the bride and groom’s attire along with theme-based safety gear for the guests and staff.

New products like transparent cuddle curtains and plastic shields that can be used to hug and touch someone’s feet without physical contact are being provided for the guests. This is a game-changer for couples who wish to follow their traditions with proper safety.

Attending Weddings – Online:

For those who wanted to attend your wedding but couldn’t due to obvious reasons, wedding planners are setting up a live streaming team with all recording and streaming gear. Many marriages were streamed on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, while others even set up their wedding live-streaming web page.

Online streaming is free and allows multiple guests to leave their wishes, blessings, and comments, which you can respond to immediately or later to acknowledge their presence.

Remembering non-invitees:

With your invitees’ list cut down short, you might want to do something for all of those you wanted to be with but couldn’t send an invite. 

Here’s a new idea; sending personal gifts or goody bags to guests you couldn’t invite. You can even add a heartfelt letter expressing your wishes and unfortunateness for not being able to have them with you.

Belated Receptions:

Since receptions are a complimentary celebration for both the families to welcome and celebrate the new couple, many newlyweds figured they could have their receptions after a few months when the pandemic threat and restrictions hopefully tone down. 

With late receptions, you can book a decent banquet hall in nearby destination locations like Goa and invite more of your guests who would likely miss it now. 

New lockdown wedding trends are sure to emerge rapidly in these times and help couples find creative ways to get married. But finding elegant and safe banquet halls for receptions can still be a task. However, if you wish to plan your wedding reception in beautiful destinations like Goa, then Goldern Orchid has you covered. Being one of the most beautiful and safety-wise well-prepared wedding venues in Goa, there’s no doubt you and your guest will have a function of your lifetime here. To have a look at its mesmerizing interior and scenery, visit the Golden Orchid website.