4 Tips to Consider for a Dreamy lawn wedding

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4 Tips to Consider for a Dreamy lawn wedding

4 Tips to Consider for a Dreamy lawn wedding

No matter how trendy a beach or destination wedding becomes, a lawn wedding will always be a classic. Whether it is summer, winter or autumn, a lawn wedding is perfect for every season. Since there already is so much greenery and flowers around, with minimum décor, you can turn a dull backyard into a blissful matrimonial destination. Besides, you can rest assured that there will be a lot of candid and natural pictures to make your day memorable. 

There are a lot of cities you can choose for a perfect lawn wedding, but the best party venues in Goa can steal your heart. You can get tons of open marriage halls in Goa within your budget, promising you magical lawn wedding. 

You can always use Google to know the wedding venues with price but let us give you a pro tip – you will get the best offers only with Severina Gardens.

Let’s start with your ultimate guide for a perfect lawn wedding!

1.    Site seeing

The first step to planning your dream wedding is site seeing. It is important to have a close look at the venue before you book the site. For the best experience, ask your wedding planner to accompany you. This way, you can visualize what elements must be placed and get a brief idea of how picturesque your wedding venue can turn out.

2.    Choose a well-manicured lawn 

Because it’s a lawn wedding, one thing that should be perfect is the lawn, of course. Make sure the lawn you choose is well-maintained and offers the best scenic view to your guests.

3.    Set up a tent

Although it’s a lawn wedding, does not mean everything has to be under the sun or in the open. Place small tents at various distances to offer your guests an arrangement to chill. For all of this, you can choose a spacious open-air marriage hall.

4.    Think about filed entertainment ideas

Lawn weddings can turn out to be the best entertaining ones, how? Well, you get a lot of scopes to arrange photo booths, tattoo makers, games, and much more.

Keep these exciting and useful ideas in mind, and we ensure you will succeed in organizing a wedding venue of your dream. As we said there are hundreds of open-air marriage halls and a lot of party venues too, but nothing can be as alluring as Severina Gardens.