The Best Royal Seating Arrangement Ideas for Guests at Indian Wedding

The Best Royal Seating Arrangement Ideas for Guests at Indian Wedding

The Best Royal Seating Arrangement Ideas for Guests at Indian Wedding

The day has finally arrived. Your wedding with your beloved has got the blessing of your family and well-wishers, and now the only thing to worry about is to search the best wedding venues in Goa that can accommodate all of your guests. Is your guest list ready? How many guests will show on your special day? Is the head counts vast or a small family function? No matter what the circumstances are, these seat arrangement ideas for wedding guests is just what you need to have a look on.

1) Theatre Style Seating

Theatre Style Seating

The wedding venues in Goa have witnessed many weddings. You need not to worry about the seating arrangements. However, if you are someone who loves to have things done your way and attend guests personally, then you can opt for theatre style seating arrangement where each guest will have direct access to the mandap.

2) Round Table Seating

Round Table Seating

Depending on the size of marriage halls in Goa, you can choose one out of the two round table seating arrangements – cabaret style and banquet style. The banquet style is similar to a round table concept where each guest faces each other. Whereas, the cabaret-style is much preferable one as it has an open end on the table so that the guest members need not turn their heads to see the wedding mandap.

3) Amphitheatre style seating

Amphitheatre style seating

It is one of our favorite seating arrangement ideas where the arrangements are like a Roman amphitheatre. It is clean, sober, and classy all at a time and most importantly, each guest can watch the wedding without being obtrusive. The mandap is in the centre with guests seating all around it.

4) Divan Style Seating

Divan Style Seating

Famously known as the Takht arrangement, this seating arrangement is your go-to choice to organize a big fat Indian wedding. It gives you the ambience of a Royal Indian Wedding where the guests are seated on a sofa with colorful cushions over it. You can use this idea for your Haldi and Mehendi ceremony as well.

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