8 Indian Wedding Planning Tips to Avoid Last-Minute Panic Attacks!


8 Indian Wedding Planning Tips to Avoid Last-Minute Panic Attacks!

We all refer some ultimate guide before executing a plan then why not at weddings? Many of the Indian families lack planning when it comes to their children’s wedding. The concept of “going with the flow” might ease your hurdles for now but it can turn into a real challenge on the D-day. Therefore, Golden Orchid – One of the leading providers of wedding banquet halls in Goa has sorted out the mandatory planning tips for every Indian wedding.

Getting hitched soon? Our expert tips have got your back.

1) Consult the Expert


Instead of running blindly towards your friends and siblings for wedding planning, get yourself a trusted and professional wedding planner who not just guide you with exciting yet affordable wedding ideas but also make sure your dream wedding includes everything you dreamt of.

2) Decide the VenueGolden Orchid Goa

Whether you are looking for garden wedding venues in Goa or traditional marriage halls in Goa get it booked as soon as the wedding date is finalized. This saves you the challenges of going on the hunt for a good spacious wedding venue in the peak season as most of the venues will be already booked.

3) Finalize your Events

Once the wedding venue is decided, you can plan your Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and cocktail party around it. Trust us – getting a picture of your wedding venue will solve more than half of your energy on deciding the decoration and mandap arrangements.

4) Bring Your Siblings Onboard

Family meeting

Once the events are finalized and you have set your targeted budget, allocate the responsibilities to your friends, family members, and siblings accordingly. Make your checklist and discuss it with your family members because their views are important too. Believe it or not – it is your mother’s and mother-in-law’s dream wedding too!

5) Prepare the Guestlist


When the wedding venues in Goa are selected and your family gets onboard with you in this wedding planning “adventure”, sit down and prepare your excel sheet with guest names. The guest accommodation capacity will work as a threshold point for the guest invitation and will save you from spending more. After all, no one wants a wedding to be a suffocated event for guests. Make it more spacious.

6) Go Shopping!

Go shopping

Wedding shopping must be done at least 6-3 months earlier to avoid last-minute alteration hassles. On a better positive note, off-season shopping will give you a heavy discount on your favorite designs, clothes, shoes, accessories, and masterpiece. So make sure you have enough time in your bucket for shopping.

7) Book Your Appointments

Appointments Available

From videographer to the photographer and from DJ, pandit, florists, to make-up artists and caterers, everyone has to be booked 2-3 months on prior. Or else, you might face a tough time hunting for them on peak wedding season.

8) Crosscheck your Appointments

Once you are done with appointment bookings, grooming, and arrangements, sit back, relax and crosscheck again for their availability. You certainly don’t want the pandit to ditch you on your wedding day! Once again, repeat the drill 1-2 weeks before the D-day!

Follow these steps as listed and save more of “Me time” for the wedding to preserve that bridal glow on your face. Putting these tips on the action will help you enjoy your wedding and go with the flow of celebrations to make it a dream wedding worth remembering!