6 Important Things to Look For In an Event Venue

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6 Important Things to Look For In an Event Venue

Organizing an event is a challenge and making it a success is another one. Creating a balance amid both is what one has to decode. Choosing the venue does not make the job done. Choosing a perfect date for the event, catering service, arrangements, and impressing your guests; everything depends on the venue you decide.

Don’t panic. Golden Orchid has your back. Whether you are planning on wedding venues in Goa or birthday party venues in Goa, we are here to make it happen without compromising on your peace and time. Here come the top 5 things you need to look for before finalizing your event venue.


1) Parking Lot


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The parking lot/valet parking should be the first priority of any event organizer. The venue you decide should cater ample amount of space for your guests to arrive on time. Lack of parking space could delay the arrival time of your guests as they would be found busy searching for a space to park their vehicle. If the venue cannot offer parking lot, make sure a parking space is available at a walking distance from the venue and that the guests are informed about it prior to event opening ceremony.


2) Number of Guests and Seating Arrangements

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Know your guests and the categories you are about to put them into. There will be chief guests to appear on stage, hosts to keep the evening entertained, and then the audience who spared their valuable time to attend your event. The venue you choose as a party venue in Goa should offer flexibility in regard to space and the number of the guests. In case the weather ditches you and the event were supposed to be held in an out space, the venue must have the facility of an indoor space too. You cannot afford to ruin your hard work due to climatic change.


3) Food & Drinks

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Parties have a reputation to go wild and all warmed up with all kinds of guests assembled and quality food & drinks will keep the event warmed up throughout. Multiple cuisines and quality drinks are the best way you can win the hearts.


4)  Event Accessibility

The venue you choose should not be outside the city or far from public transport facilities. This becomes a major loophole for guests not making up to the party. Try choosing a venue that is not-so-far from the airport, hotels, or bus transport. This way, your guests would be overwhelmed with the arrangements and your humble hospitality.


5) The Acoustics

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The guests/audience would expect your event to be worth attending and having fun along. Music, dance, and dance floors should be assuring. Cross check the microphones, speakers, and devices that are brought for the entertaining purpose.

Events and parties must be planned a few months before if you want to escape the venue booking headache. We, at Golden Orchid, help our clients ease their responsibilities to make the event a success. From catering to decoration and venue selection, our creative experts are ever-ready to help you create the best memories of your life.