6 Important Points to Organize a Memorable and a Successful Office Christmas Party

6 Important Points to Organize a Memorable and a Successful Office Christmas Party

6 Important Points to Organize a Memorable and a Successful Office Christmas Party

The winter season is around the corner and the year is almost coming to an end. This is arguably one of the most exciting times of the year as several major festivals are lined up one after the other. In addition, we will soon enter a new year which adds to the overall excitement. Can you believe it? The year is almost over! Christmas as we know it is one of the most important festivals in the country celebrated on a very grand scale especially in Goa. The sound of Chrismas carols, the midnight mass, young children dressed in their best clothes, and delicious food!

A Christmas party in the workplace is something a lot of people look forward to. It is also an event that tests your management skills and pushes the planning committee to come up with interesting ideas. After all, nobody would want to attend a party that is not entertaining or filled with fun. A Christmas party is also one of the best ways to celebrate the achievements and the time you have spent with each other at work throughout the year which significantly enhances your work culture.

We at Golden Orchid offer some of the best banquet halls and party venues in Goa. As part of the hospitality industry for several years now, we truly understand the factors that could make or break your office Christmas party.

1. Select a date and book the venue

Date and venue

It is important you select a date that is convenient for the majority of your audience i.e. right from the top management staff to other associates and staff members. In addition, ensure everyone marks the date on their calendar so that they do not miss out the fun-filled Christmas party you have organized.

After selecting the date, another important point to consider is the venue of the party. You may have to book the venue well before the date you have decided as it is the peak season and the venue could possibly not be available on the day you wish to organize the party. Nobody would want to attend a party in your office cafeteria, right?

2. Choose a Christmas theme

party theme

This is an area where you can really test your creative side and play around with the different themes related to Christmas. Reindeers, elves, Santa, and several other elements of Christmas can be your theme for the party which plays a vital part in boosting the overall excitement of the party. You can arrange for props at the party which everyone can wear at the party.

3. Food menu


One of the most important aspects of your party is the food. Everyone remembers a party which has exceptionally tasty food or the complete opposite (food is terrible). Hence, you should get in touch with a caterer who could help you out in curating a menu everyone would fall in love with. Most importantly, get in touch with your employees to understand their preferences before you decide the menu.

4. Seating arrangement

seating arrangment

The seating arrangement can play a huge part in involving people and making them mingle with each other. This is the right time to use your management skills and create a seating arrangement that not only makes everyone feel comfortable but also enough room to mix up with each other. It is also one of the best ways to engage your employees in small talk and build relations.

5. Activities and games

company christmas party

One of the greatest ways to increase employee interaction is by arranging a bunch of team-bonding or team-building activities and games. Not only do these activities brush the competitive side of people, but it also helps them mix up with other members of different teams. In addition, arrange for exciting prizes for the winners as it will encourage them to truly involve themselves.

6. Award your employees

christmas theme party

It is very important you recognize the hard work and the dedication your staff and employees have put in throughout the year. Arrange a small award ceremony to reward employees who have achieved their goals and targets with utmost dedication. This will motivate your employees to work harder as they feel appreciated and their hard work is recognized.

A Christmas party could arguably be one of the best events of the years provided you take the right measures. Our range of some of the best banquet halls and party venues in Goa offers the perfect setting and infrastructure to organize an office Chrismas party that cements its place in your employee’s memory for the right reasons.