5 Secret Ways You Can Cut-Down Your Wedding Expenses but Still Rock the Show!

5 Secret Ways You Can Cut-Down Your Wedding Expenses but Still Rock the Show!

5 Secret Ways You Can Cut-Down Your Wedding Expenses but Still Rock the Show!

This might come to you as a shock but a “big fat Indian wedding” is not always about millions of dollars. One can have their dream wedding planned with the same amount of joy, love, and extravagance on a thousand dollar budget. You don’t believe us? Let us take a tour to some of the wedding arrangement corners we spill money on and if planned professionally, will save you money without compromising on your dreams and desires. Let us start with

1) Flowers All Around

This would be harsh on you and your groom but the guests attending your wedding are least interested in how those expensive lilies and orchids are placed perfectly on your wedding entrance gate, stage, and everywhere. Go straight for artificial flower arrangements. They cost less and won’t be a negotiation on your wedding albums.

2) The Venue

 Golden orchid goa venue

The venue is the ultimate deciding factor in your budget plans. Instead of booking five-star hotels and expensive venues, you can go the easier way, the garden wedding venues in Goa way. The most important thing about booking the best banquet halls in Goa is you must book them in advance. The later you book these venues, the expensive and limited it gets.

3) The Catering Service

best banquet halls in Goa

We all know how people love to attend the weddings that offer lip-smacking “Shaadi Ka Khaana”. Instead of considering international cuisine, booking a traditional and good-quality catering service is the wisest decision one can make at their wedding. Trust me; your wedding for your guests is somewhat a lesser concern about you and your groom rather than the multiple-cuisine and desert station that serves mouth-watering traditional Indian dishes. From Indian guests to out of the country guests, a pure Indian cuisine never fails to win the hearts of any large audience.

4) The Wedding Outfit

best wedding banquet halls in Goa

Best advice – Go for off-season shopping. These are the days when the shopkeepers shower huge discounts on their customers. But, if your eyes are stuck on that designer piece displayed in the shop you cross every day in your route to the office, rent it. Bridal outfits are worth wearing once in a lifetime. There is less wisdom spending huge money on buying it.

5) The Pre-wedding Functions Venue

 The Pre-wedding Functions Venue
The Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet are entirely family affair and do best in your own home backyard, garden, or terrace. If the spacing of your house is the concern, switch to our best wedding banquet halls in Goa. From haldi and Sangeet to the emotional vidaai, we make sure every bride collects the best memories of her wedding throughout her life.