4 Most Unique Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

4 Most Unique Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

4 Most Unique Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

We all dream of a beach wedding, and when it’s scorching summer, Goa is one escape destination to have all the wedding fun and celebration. The breathtaking sunset, fabulous resorts, Portuguese architecture, churches, mountains, unpredictable sky, and all things painted in green and blue are one valid definition of ideal wedding destination.

Have you booked the best banquet halls in Goa for your summer wedding? Have you shortlisted all the great theme you are can add to your wedding decor? If no, then we might have a perfect surprise for your summer wedding theme ideas. Let us grab a look at some timeless and trending theme décor for a summer wedding affair.

1) The Perfect Beach Wedding

Taking vows on the cold, silvery sand while the sun goes down the Arabian Sea is what we call a picturesque landscape view. The banquet halls in Goa are your ticket to living the fullest of this fantasy dream wedding.

Hire the best wedding planners in town, and they will lift the big responsibilities of executing a perfect dream wedding. From wedding vendors to venue arrangements and catering service, we do it all with a taste of perfection.

2) Purple is the new wedding color

Forget about the blush pink, orange, and pale colors for the wedding. Purple is the choice of the year for every outdoor wedding this year. Purple is the most versatile color. It looks vibrant and voguish at weddings. Most importantly, you can have a variety of shades in purple. From lavender and lilac to plum and violet, you can decorate the wedding ensembles around different shades of purple.

To give it a personalized touch, you can combine silver, gold, red, or green color into purple shades. It is a contrasting color and will do wonders on your mandap, wedding aisle, and flower garlands.

3) Flower Power

If you are one of those couples who love keeping it simple, then go for seasonal flowers. Talk to a local florist or get word of mouth from our top wedding planners. We will find you the most reasonable florist and make sure the decorations and flower arrangements are made correctly. The bright summer flowers can become a beautiful centerpiece décor item at the wedding.

A glass bowl filled with lemon wedges and bright summer flowers on top of it lifts the burdensome task of deciding table décor items. Asters, musk roses, and marigold are an excellent choice for splashing flowers on the bride and groom while they walk down the aisle.

4) Ceiling Décor Theme

If you have run into those wedding banquets hall in Goa that lack space you wanted for decorating centerpieces, why not go for ceiling decoration? There are incredible varieties of ceiling décor themes, both for the indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony.

Satin drapes, paper chandelier, fairy lanterns, potted plants, or rustic birdcages, there is never a shortage of décor items when it comes to ceiling decoration.

Most importantly, unconventional decorations always attract guests and build up energy around the ceremony. These are some of the best theme ideas you can add to your destination wedding planning list to give your guests something to look back over for fond memories. Visit Golden Orchid today, and we shall help you celebrate the best wedding ceremony you and your family ever dreamt.